Hello, I’m Nelson

Hopefully, you can find something here in my little world to inspire or encourage you. Please be sure to check out the blog and let me know if you have questions, comments, or topic suggestions.
I grew up in Pennsylvania in an Anabaptist Christian family. I found a relationship with Jesus in my teens, and now I have been blessed with a wonderful loving wife. Together we go about life, through ups and downs, endeavoring to serve Jesus Christ.

About Me

Blog Posts

I enjoy writing unique thought-provoking blog posts. My goal is to encourage someone and make an impact on someone’s Christian life.

Upcoming Books

I am working on completing a book on the Christmas story. I feel like God is really anxious to use the message.

Website Design

I run a website design business as a side gig. If you are interested, please visit my business website Pee-Aye Creative.


I enjoy finding and capturing unique shots of everyday life, and I invite you to view my landscape, nature, wildlife, and nighttime photos here or on Instagram.

Going Above & Beyond

  • Price The Home Correctly.
  • Market The  Property Like Crazy.
  • Communicate Properly.
  • Make Sure The Buyer is Qualified.
  • Negotiate The Best Terms.
  • Attend The Home Inspection.
  • Attend The Home Appraisal.
  • Finalize Loose Ends For Closing.

Get to Know Me


Delightful shops and convenient stores


National favorites and local cuisine


Enjoy plenty of recreational areas


Good economy and jobs opportunities


Best academic facilities in the state


Warm and inviting local congregations

How May I Help You? And Why Not?

< 1 minuteHow can we help people today? As Christians, it seems to be getting harder and hard to help one another. Read my 10 examples below of what I’m talking about.

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Museum of the Bible – My Review & First Impressions

Recently, my wife and I took some friends and traveled to the brand new Museum of the Bible located just a few minutes walking distance from our nation’s capital. I’ve visited many large, popular museums in my lifetime, including many of the Smithsonian Institution...

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Is Your Church Leaving the Denomination? Read this!

Overview: There are frequent news reports of one denomination after another ignoring, tolerating, or accepting more and more sin.  Meanwhile, rumors are swirling of one church after another separating or considering separation from such denominations in an attempt to...

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I am a freelance web and graphic designer, so please contact me if you need help branding or brainstorming a small business or any other brilliant ideas.


I enjoy finding and capturing unique shots of everyday life, and I invite you to view my landscape, nature, wildlife, and nighttime photos here or on Instagram.


I enjoy teaching adult Sunday School classes as well as teen boys. I focus on Biblical studies, apologetics, real-life application, and unique presentation.


In the last few years, I have enjoyed finding and exploring all of the very best places around Pennsylvania’s beautiful scenic landscapes.