My Life was black and dark

I was deep in sin

Not knowing where to start

Or even how to begin

The chains of sin still hung about my neck

 Each link reminding me of a sin I wished to forget

My life was trapped by these prison bars

The pathway to freedom seemed farther than mars

I couldn’t get out of this prison, This Jail

I knew if I tried again all I’d do would be, FAIL

But still I kept trying and trying and trying

Until I found out it wasn’t about be trying but about God’s Son Jesus Christ and his Dying

There was nothing Left that I could do

That’s when I cried to Jesus It’s up to you

“Jesus Jesus I need you Help

Jesus Jesus I can’t do it by myself

Cause I keep falling down”

And that’s when God became a man stooped down and picked me off of the ground

Thankyou Jesus son of the most High

Thankyou Jesus for saving a wretch like I

Thankyou Jesus for saving me from hell

Thankyou Jesus for filling my well

Now the prison that I had built for myself is by God’s Grace Destroyed and is now no more

And by the blood of Jesus Christ my life has been restored

My sin has been removed as far as the east is from the west

I’ve entered into God’s fold and there I’ve found rest

So if you’re stuck in prison or Jail

 And you don’t want to try again because you know you’ll fail

If you keep trying and trying and trying

Realize IT IS about Jesus Christ… dying

Caleb Martin