Lessons from Genesis 3

I.        Moral purity was compromised in the fall of man and God needed to set foundational moral boundaries to guard fallen man from immorality.

II.        Gen. 2:9, 17; 3:6

  1. Both the lawful and forbidden trees were pleasant to the sight and good for food (3:6). By human eye-sight alone, they could not determine what was acceptable and what was forbidden-because the acceptable and the forbidden both looked good to the eyes. What separated the acceptable from the forbidden was the commandment of the Lord.”
  2. There was an 11immediate” and guaranteed” consequence from crossing a moral boundary-in the “day” that you eat of the forbidden tree you will “surely” die. Crossing a forbidden moral boundary begins an immediate chain of events which will yield the full consequences for sin in the years to come.

Ill. Gen. 3:1-5

  1. The devil came in the form of a serpent. Disobedience was always his objective with Eve, and trickery was the means by which he intended to accomplish this.
  2. His argument was that your strict obedience is limiting your experience and knowledge.
  3. He denies that you will “surely” die.
  4. Any argument against God’s commandments is a lie.

IV. Gen. 3:6

  1. Eve made her decision to eat based solely on her human reasoning with total disregard for God’s commandments.
  2. She made her decision before she talked it over with her husband. Moral decisions made outside proper authority figures are typically bad decisions.
  3. The serpent realized that if he could get the woman to lower her moral standards first, she in turn would be effective in lowering the man’s.

V. Gen. 3:7-11

  1. They knew they were no longer morally innocent and saw their nakedness.
  2. When woman and man partook of evil they became evil. They looked, they lusted, they partook, and they became infected by evil lust toward one another.
  3. they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons

Adam and Eve recognized that lust was a problem and that clothing would restrain lust.

Aprons= girdles or loin coverings

The coverings that Adam and Eve provided were simply loin cloths and represented a desire to restrain lust to some degree and yet feed it.

  1. Adam and Eve though clothed with their loin cloths still feel naked when they are near the presence of the Lord. If there is any time in which we should specifically ensure modesty, it is when we gather in the presence of the Lord.

VI. Gen. 3:12, 13

  1. When God addresses their disobedience, the lust for the forbidden, and their nakedness, there is the immediate response of man to transfer the blame to another-it was the woman that “you” gave me. When confronted with his lust he no longer accepts any leadership in the marriage, responsibility for his wife, or any desire to protect her. It’s partly God’s and her fault.
  2. By offering forbidden fruit, Eve was able to take leadership from Adam. When man was seduced, he laid down his leadership; but when he laid down his leadership he also transferred all the blame to his wife.
  3. The woman also refuses to accept the blame and transfers it to the serpent of deception. Everything is wrong, no one is responsible, and others are to blame!

VII. Gen. 3:15, 16

  1. Enmity-strong antagonism. The godly woman is to be very protective of her children from the lusts of the world because they are the work of the serpent.
  2. She brings forth her children in travail so she is very attached to them. She sorrows over their mistakes and fears that they will go wayward.
  3. Because her body has an appeal to man, and because she possesses the ability to seduce men into lust (and thus gain control over them); God ordained that the woman must submit to the authority of the man.

VIII. Gen. 3:17-19

  1. The lusts of the flesh cost money and those who indulge are brought to poverty. As a result God has made hard work a requirement of honest financial gain. The toil of hard work to make a living becomes a restraint against men from wasting their money on loose women.

IX. Gen. 3:21

Coats= tunics, a long shirt-like garment, robe, used both as an outer and under garment (Gen.37:3; Exodus 29:5; Lev.8:7). “God’s” clothing covered them with more than loin cloths and included coats that were used as inner and outer garments. Proper modest clothing is part of God’s redemption plan from the fall. It covers nakedness and restrains lust and helps us to interact with one another on a higher level of relationship.

  1. The clothing that God provided was opaque, not transparent!
  2. The coats were skins from animals which were slain. It’s a picture of the saint’s robes which are purified and made white by washing in the blood of the lamb. God’s clothing typifies purity within and without-the blood and the physical covering.

X. Concluding thoughts

  1. The commandments of the Lord are designed to protect us from the harmful fruit that looks fine to our eyes.
  2. When we disobey, we open our lives to the immoral influences of lust.
  3. Lust in relationships causes degradation to the man and woman and confusion of the gender roles.
  4. Lust excuses sin by transferring blame.
  5. Sinful man does not have proper moral or modesty boundaries.
  6. A visible sign of an immoral lustful heart is immodest dress.
  7. An immoral heart and Immodest dress causes separation between us and Lord.
  8. Godly clothing is designed to restrain lust and set moral boundaries.
  9. Jesus is the only one which can remove lust from our hearts and His blood sacrifice was typified when the animals were slain to make coats. Our hearts need a blood covering and our bodies a cloth covering.


Paul Shirk


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