Does it ever seem like your life just isn’t working?

One day I was helping a friend jump-start his vehicle. We got the jumper cables out and connected them to the battery of the “dead” car. Then we connected them to the “live” car and waited. As my friend tried to start his vehicle, nothing happened. After trying several times we threw up our hands and said, “Why isn’t this working? We’re doing it right.” Upon closer inspection we realized the problem — one of the cables was not connected correctly. A simple adjustment and pronto, the once dead vehicle was now alive and eager to go!

A similar situation happened the other day. I was writing on my laptop when my phone beside me began beeping indicating that the battery was soon dead. Without thinking I became preoccupied with writing again, and before long I noticed the phone shutting down. Realizing my negligence, I quickly tried to plug it in again, but it was too late.

I had grabbed a USB cable and stuck it in the side of my laptop and connected the other end to my phone. Then I turned my phone back on again and went back to writing.

A while later I picked up my phone. It was off. Why isn’t this thing working? I was confused. Soon I realized I had accidentally plugged the USB cable into the similarly sized Ethernet port right next to it. That will never work.

It’s easy to think you are connected to God. You may even fool yourself into thinking you have a strong relationship with Him. Like me, maybe you are preoccupied with other things to even notice. Don’t be like me; take a minute to double check. Be sure to have a proper relationship with God.

If my phone had stayed unplugged, I would not be able to use it. If the jumper cables had not been adjusted, the car would still be dead. Both would be useless to the owners. If you don’t have a relationship with God, He will not be able to use you.

Does it seem like your life isn’t working? If so, check your connections. Try plugging into God. It’s not automatic though. Reading your Bible, praying, and going to church will not keep you from falling or being discouraged. It will strengthen your relationship with God, though, and a stronger relationship with God may be just the thing to make your life really work. Get connected; let me know what happens!