If you have a smartphone, laptop, or tablet you know what I mean when I say “Wi-Fi.” For those who don’t quite get it, basically it’s wireless internet sending a signal back and forth between your device and a router or “hotspot.” If you shop or eat out, you may have noticed that over the past few years the symbol for free Wi-Fi is showing up everywhere. The goal of these businesses is to entice and provide incentive for customers to patronize their store or restaurant over another by offering free Wi-Fi. When a consumer is near enough to the source of the Wi-Fi signal a notification will appear in their device settings letting them know a network is available.

Well, God’s business has a similar sign on the door. As you are hurt, discouraged, burdened, or overcome with some problem in your life, you know you need a connection. You need to go to source and find a solution. As you go to your life settings you see the good news – “Network available: connect with God.”

Prayer is something that is talked about a lot in churches, so as it is my practice, there is no point discussing it in any depth here. It’s all over Scripture but I find it so hard to do regularly. When I am in the spirit of prayer throughout the day it really helps the day go better. I know I can go from talking to myself to talking to God at any second. 🙂 It also gives me a special encouragement to know that Jesus prayed too, and the really neat thing is that He is praying for us individually, just like He told Peter.

Back to the internet…sometimes we get a weak signal on our device or perhaps the server is down completely. If we wonder too far from the source, we lose our connection. Sometimes we think our connection can’t get any slower, and so often we can’t come up with a solution. Then we get upset and frustrated.

This stuff never happens with prayer. It’s always open and free. We always get good help. It’s fast (although sometimes it doesn’t seem like it but that’s only because we don’t see behind the scenes). It’s always strong. And no matter what stupid thing we do, we can always humbly repent and He’s there to hear us do so. And it’s never God’s fault; it’s always our own negligence in prayer that causes problems.

If you are struggling with getting a signal, I encourage you to look at your “device.” Maybe you have been in range all along, but you have turned off your Wi-Fi. That is a really easy problem to fix. Just turn it back on! God is ready and eager to talk to you any time!