Writing is my own way of processing my thoughts on life. I hope reading my thoughts can encourage and help you, just like writing them down helps me.

Storm Facts: (obvious stuff, feel free to skip it)

  • Some storms barely touch you; others knock you over.
  • Some storms last a minute; others go on and on.
  • Some happen once; others come one right after the other.
  • Some are scary; some are cool.

Attitude is everything. I like snowstorms, but I know some people do not. They can be a lot of work and hassle, but they can also be very fun and beautiful! NOTE: If you hate snow, you could move to some arid climate. Be warned though – those climates have other storms, like hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoons, etc.

Storm Preparation

I admit that I can totally be caught off guard when a storm comes. Maybe I don’t check the weather for a while, I’m not around people who are talking about it, or I haven’t been run over by a mob in town. Other times I’m looking for it to come. Like everything in life, facing them is a matter of attitude and perspective. One may see work, while another may see play; one may see a mess, while another may see beauty.

When a storm is coming, you need to do only one thing – go to Walmart for milk, bread, and toilet paper. (Please don’t ask me why, I have no idea. I guess people live role to role?) For PennDOT, storm preparedness may mean that roads are being treated ahead of time (ok no more jokes here). To some it may mean the plow is on the pickup, the SUV is in the garage, the snow blower actually starts, or the shovel is on the porch.

What about storm preparedness in our spiritual life? Let’s face it, spiritual storms hit everyone who is trying to serve God. Here again, you can have an attitude of fear or dread, or an attitude of joy and peace knowing God will always be in control. Peace and joy are not something you find at Walmart. In fact, there is only ONE place to find those things.

If you think YOU have the situation under control and YOU are prepared for anything, you are in for a big surprise. If you know GOD has the situation under control and you know GOD is prepared for anything, then be at peace.

Are you preparing for a storm? Seek God.

Storm Endurance

During a storm, life looks rather bleak. Is it ever going to end? How am I going to…? What about…? I can’t…

Don’t try to stop the storm. Don’t go outside and wave your hands at an attempt to create air currents to drive it away. Quite frankly that would be useless and silly and it doesn’t work except to get you  covered in snow or blown away.

My advice is this – tell God. I mean it, just tell Him:
Tell God you feel like a magnet for difficult situations.
Tell God it’s very difficult.
Tell God you don’t’ know if you will make it.
Tell God it’s really hard always waiting on the future.
Tell God you can’t do it on your own.
Tell God you can’t think of any possible good reason for this.

God wants the word “helpless” to come to your mind. In fact, HE wants to come to your mind.

Did you know Romans 8:28 is not about you? That’s right, this verse is perhaps the most popular verse for difficult times, but it’s not about those “who love God” or who are “the called”– it’s about God and “His purpose.”

Like the disciples on the stormy see, don’t forget that Jesus is in the boat.

Are you enduring a storm now? Trust God.

Storm Recovery

I plan to be going on Disaster Response Service again this year with Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) rebuilding homes for those affected by tornadoes. Those homeowner lost what they had before…but they will be getting something better, a brand new start!

God does that too. A flooded, burned, or crushed house would get your attention! Maybe God just wanted to get your attention. Maybe the old you was ok, but not good enough. Maybe you were even relying on God for most things…but God wanted you to rely on Him completely.

After a snowstorm, you get to choose if you want to wait until spring to come out of the house. Sure, GOD is in ultimately in control, not YOU, but in some ways the storm recovery is in YOUR hands. YOU need to go clean the sidewalks, car, and driveway.


You need to embrace change God brings, and you need to venture into your renewed life.

But wait, don’t’ forget what God brought you through!

While you are out there, talk to the neighbor guy about the storm. Go for a drive to find someone else who is stuck. Don’t just tell them they should know better than to go out in this snow without a  Subaru…remember what you came through and help them! This is your chance to testify of God’s goodness!

Are you recovering from a storm? Serve God.

Final Thoughts

This blog post is pretty basic. (oh really!?) There are some really incredible Bible verses about storms that you need to read! Follow this link: http://www.openbible.info/topics/storms

NOW you may frown and say, “God, couldn’t You have made me trust You in some other way? Couldn’t You have prevented this? What’s going to happen to my life?”

SOMEDAY God will smile and say, “Child, I could have chosen another way. I could have prevented the storm. I could have told you what would happen. Oh, but precious child, look at THIS NOW!”


Did that encourage you?

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