My friend kindly led me to the post office door. I hesitantly walked inside.

The odor of the room appalled me, as I stumbled to the counter. Feeling disgusted with myself, I never considered what could happen to me that day.

The emotions that had piled up inside of me were too much to bear. I had to do something. I had heard there was something here for me. I doubted it would be able to help in my situation.

Tears formed in my eyes. I trembled as I looked down at it all. I didn’t have to wait in line. It was there, waiting for me with my name beautifully handwritten across the label.

I stepped back surprised. What was I doing here?

Could this be real? Has my life spun downwardly so much that my last hope lie in a simple package? I had no idea what was inside.

The postmaster remarked that it was there for quite some time. Day after day delivery was attempted, but I was not looking for it. A signature was needed for delivery confirmation.

Surprised, I wished I had known. After many tries, the postal service decided to keep the package at the local post office for pickup.

The worker handed the package to me with a smile. I quickly sliced open the tape and pulled back the flaps.

A jolt of sensation burst out. The most indescribable feeling ever imagined occurred throughout my entire being.

Joy and peace splattered all over my face and ran down my body. I wasn’t even sure what it was. But I felt amazing.

I could not sleep that night. I walked down the street, joy stepping as I went. Random people came up to me asking what happened.

I told them everything. I told them about the package. I told them there was one waiting for them too. They needed to get the post office right away.