Sometimes we ask why.

We often have a good reason to do so. We have problems. We have hardships that come in various forms like death of a loved one, financial woes, broken relationships, and countless other problems with the curse of sin on this world. We try to understand and cannot.

Sometimes we lose focus.

It’s very common for us to get off track and forget that our lives are part of the bigger story. Our mind becomes so focused on earthly things that we lose our affection for things above.

Sometimes we doubt.

We question the goodness of God. We stutter to acknowledge that God loves us like crazy right now. We can’t grasp truth, and it seems we are destined to lose faith. We feel like we are the only ones with this struggle.

Sometimes we have pain.

Our lives are crippled by heartache and disappointment. We try to mend the sting, but fail to find anything that can ease the burden. It’s hard to smile, and we feel a heavy weight on our spirit.

Sometimes we are tempted.

We have desires. We want something we cannot have. We devise mischief and tend to stray. We battle the world, the flesh, and our selves. We feel defeat, shame and hopelessness.

Sometimes we try to fix things.

We try to ease the struggle. We think we have answers to solutions that are simply beyond our power and control. We ponder and plan, analyze and act. Our logic and emotions try in vain to dictate solutions.

Sometimes we get stressed out.

We have too much to do, too much obligation and responsibility. Our lives are full, and it seems there is no way out. We are burdened with priorities, skipping time for God.

Sometimes we worry.

We are scared for what may happen. We want to have control, so we warn and are careful to the point of excess. We can’t give up our grip and feel the need to keep thinking about something coming up or the safety of a loved one.

Sometimes we do our own thing.

Our way is the only way we have ever known. Our own benefit is our motivation. We have trouble surrendering because we think we know best.

The list could go on. But…

Sometimes we need to just let God love us.

That’s right, we need to take time and just permit God in his awesome grace to share our concerns and struggles and speak to us. We need to stop rationalizing, questioning, fixing, stressing, worrying, and thinking, and just open our spirit to let God fill us with his truly amazing grace. The permission slip needs signed by you. It’s up to you to allow this.

Be aware that it is very possible to merely live with the knowledge that God loves us, but yet not allow Him to love us. In other words, you can be in a relationship with God, spend time with him in His Word and in prayer, and yet be missing his love. Not because his love is unable to penetrate our lives, but rather that we are too busy thinking, stressing, questioning, doubting, sinning, and even serving to take the time to allow it to fill us.

We lock love out of our lives. We want love, we know love, but we don’t accept love. Why? Because it is dangerous to self. When we allow God’s love into our lives, it changes our lives. His love means we have to give things up that we naturally try to handle ourselves. It’s a sacrifice of our own independence and control to allow God to love us. But I think it’s worth a try for once. My friend, go for it, give it a try. Give up the pain, struggles, uncertainty, stress, and confusion and throw it at the feet of the eternal sovereign one who gave His all so that love might be shown to this desperate world.

Pause now to allow God to love you. What’s your response? It’s so freeing, isn’t it?

Ephesians 2:4-5

“But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;)”

Did that encourage you?

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